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You’re A Salesperson in Your Life!

  Strange as it could seem, our life is formed of a series of “sales presentations”. Sales might not be your gig, but if you’re the boss you’re making presentations everyday. Be it a pitch to your Board, announcing a policy change to employees, selling an idea to your spouse, or simply trying to win others over to your point of view – you would like to punch up your people skills for winning pitches. Human nature is such people support solutions that they help create, so involve them by allowing your audience to participate with questions or ideas. It goes without saying that to not involve key people is risky because messages may be misunderstood. Your plans may be derailed before they start if sufficient “buy-in” is lacking. Use a lot of open-ended questions in your presentation to draw out the silent type. Preparation is a key to success. Prepare your listeners for what’s coming during or before your presentation. Try these pre-meeting tactics: Assign task-related pre-wo