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For Those Who Are Sick Of Their Jobs Working For Others

    The majority of people are trapped in the rat race having jobs working for others but do not know how to get out. This article offers a way out to achieve freedom through earning passive income. Internet business is recommended because it is an exciting, rewarding, and best home-based business. Tips are given that are designed for professional businesses working from home.  If you’re given a choice of making $500 as a one-time payment OR getting only $100 but paid this amount every month for 20 years if not for life, which would you choose?  If you work only once and get paid many times over, you’re earning a RESIDUAL INCOME. Of course, you’d choose the latter.  Elvis Presley today “continues” to earn residual income even after death because his records continue to “work” for him due to continued demand from his fans.  Therefore it goes without saying that to build wealth, you need to tap into RESIDUAL INCOME.  Very often this is also referred to as “PASSIVE INCOME” because you cou